Stefan A. Rose
Different Trains video

Different Trains is a video (27:14 run time) originally commissioned in 2001 by the Penderecki String Quartet to accompany their performance of American composer Steve Reich's "Different Trains for String Quartet and Tape".

The visual work by Stefan A. Rose was first conceived of as a slide-dissolve sequence of 10 photographic images for projection above the performers, but was later changed into a video projection incorporating more visual elements.

Using found moving images from historical archives, along with black-and-white photographs and video shot by Stefan, the imagery is evocative of the three movements within the musical composition - "America - Before The War", "Europe - During The War", and "After The War".

You can play an excerpt of the Different Trains video below. Run time: 4:00 (7.7Mb).

If the video window isn't visible, you can view an excerpt of the Different Trains video in a new window.

main video
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