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Writing: Night Transit poems

Day Trip / Night Transit - Project Description
Night Transit - Poems (Excerpted)

Day Trip / Night Transit - Project Description

Day Trip / Night Transit is an exhibition of black-and-white photographs and writing by Karl Kessler and Stefan A. Rose, that was exhibited at the Rotunda Gallery, Kitchener City Hall, Kitchener, Ontario, in April 2000.

Kessler photographed along subway route No. 7 in New York City during the day, making stops along the way, creating photographs at platforms and elevated stations, and writing a travelogue of the places and people encountered. Rose photographed after dark on the Kitchener Transit bus route No. 7 in Kichener and Waterloo, Ontario, creating photographs and writing poems about his experiences and observations along the way. Presented together in one gallery, Kessler's Day Trip and Rose's Night Transit reveal resonances in the experience of commuting in very different communities.

Night Transit - Poems (Excerpted)

Night Transit

7 - Fairview Mall via Weber

there's an odd glow
of sinister deep red
coming from behind
the bus driver's eyes

I had always suspected
that there was more to
the man inside
     the uniform exterior
     who drives and runs
circles around the town
the inhabitants barely aware
at night of the sheer
near-impacting force
careening through traffic
just missing pedestrians
insignificant vehicles
and other road users
that seem to leap into
the path of a moving equal
     of a brick wall
delicately positioned
by an obscure man
whose orbs reflect
hasty brake lights
and delights in pushing
some weight around

9 - Lakeshore

punching the passes
in an idle moment
the bus driver prepares
for the next lot
     of passengers wanting
     to change direction
in mid-route somewhere
the tickets are valid
for a specific amount
     of time
     and money
and "valid only
at approved transfer points
where they will be accepted"
     by another
for another
circuit of travel through
a different part of town
     "there is only one pass
     permitted per passenger"
and only one way
to really get around

12 Conestoga Mall / Fairview Mall

the short repeated sound
that signals an outburst
from hydraulic
brakes and compressed-
air door openers ventilating
as they catch and release
denoting a change
in acceleration
or the numbers
of people packed in
the blue-washed interior
of a transparent
and rolling silver-surfaced
metal box-bus travelling
through the dark-night
past fluorescent-lit displays
advertising traps
and bars

Day Trip / Night Transit installation detail: 4 - Glasgow, silverprint

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