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Plane - Project Description
Plane - Poems (Excerpted)

Plane - Project Description

Plane is a 16-page poetry chapbook with one black-and-white photograph tipped-in on the inside back cover. It was produced by Stefan A. Rose in 1997 as two artist's proof sets in a limited edition of eight copies each, using different combinations of paper and covers. One set has white paper and white cover (winter); the other set has green paper with a white and green cover (summer).

The poems were the result of numerous aeroplane flights across Canada's Prairies, connecting the viewpoint of an airplane passenger, the flat surface below, and the viewpoint of the invisible inhabitant on the ground.

Plane - Poems (Excerpted)



building up to place cathedrals
rising high up to horizons

the towns out there and all open
space and ceilings aspired to

light and air, hemisphere vaulted
with clouds, ribbed with wheat


ground, it is all rich ground
grass dropping to the soil

hail hits without warning
stoning stalks, fresh grains

bent, recovery a miracle lifting
heads raised feeling the cold sky


it takes time to get there
from here, it seems so far

yet they say that if you look
you should find a stump to stand on

there, you can see all the way
way out to alberta or winnipeg


new meaning in meandering along
the south saskatchewan river

a sudden sunken depression twisting
where water meets scrub growing

wide swaths winding around, again
no impressive features but depths

Plane - view of two copies of the chapbook

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