Stefan A. Rose

Born in Leeds, England, Stefan A. Rose emigrated to Moncton, New Brunswick, in 1977. He graduated from Mount Allison University with an Engineering Certificate (1987), Bachelor of Science (1989), and Bachelor of Fine Arts (1991), and presently resides with his wife, Laura De Decker, in Waterloo, Ontario.

Stefan is an artist interested in creative and documentary forms, using photography, videography, and poetry. He is documentary photographer for the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound, and for New Adventures in Sound Art, and uses a large-format banquet camera among others for his creative work. Stefan has exhibited his photographs in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has received a New Brunswick Arts Award and the Equinox Emerging Artist Video Award. He has collaborated with other artists across many media; his collaborative works include Townsend Retraced, 2004 (with Laura Cunningham and Hilary Martin); Death by Chocolate, 2008 (with photographer Andrew Wright); and several video works commissioned by the Penderecki String Quartet, to accompany their performances across Canada and internationally.

Stefan's artworks cover the range of pure document to impressionistic portrayal, to show a subject's essence. Working with both images and text, he seeks to develop parallel forms of expression that share a common space, inhabiting a world of light and motion, shadow and stillness. This spectrum of visible and near-visible, the apparent and suggested, points to environments imbued with metaphor, memory, and meaning.

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